Purchasing A Storage Container

Saf-T-Box offers secure portable delivered storage solutions designed for a variety of personal, industrial, and business applications. Buying a Saf-T-Box container is an affordable, convenient, and secure answer to your storage challenges.

We have several different containers in a variety of sizes to suit all your storage needs, including standard containers, portable offices and storage units, and high security storage options.

With our dependable, top of the line containers and customer service to match, we can help you choose the right storage option for your needs.

Standard Saf-T-Box ISO Portable Containers:

These units are the most affordable solutions for your portable storage needs- a perfect way to keep tools, supplies, equipment, household items, and merchandise safe from the elements.

Standard features include
  • Beige paint
  • Security lockbox
  • Wood Flooring
  • Secure double cargo door at one end
  • Water/rodent resistant seal

Portable Office and Office/Storage Container Units:

Whether you need job site offices or offices for disaster relief, your crew will be better organized and productive with Saf-T-Box. Our convenient ground level offices mean you won’t have to worry about steps, tie downs, anchoring, or blocking.

All of our offices come fully equipped with:
  • High-security steel personnel doors
  • Air conditioning and heating units
  • Thermo insulation
  • White textured walls
  • Security bars on the recessed sliding window
  • Sturdy wood flooring
  • Room for desks, chairs, and planning tables

High Security Purchasing Options:

Our easy opening doors are a plus when you are in and out of the container all day, or you just need that extra bit of security.

Standard features include
  • Durable all steel manufacturing in the USA
  • High security door with cam locking on one or two ends
  • Security lockbox
  • Extra wide 10′ units available (Exterior dimension)
  • Cargo doors on both ends of the container
  • Water / rodent resistant seal

Modified Storage Options

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We can assist in the design of a completely customized storage container to meet your exact application need. From housing and mini-storage to field labs and safe-rooms, the repurposing of containers is limitless. Click below to learn more about modification options.

No matter your storage needs, we can help you find the perfect solution. Contact us today!