3 Unique Ways To Use A Shipping Container

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To many, a shipping container may seem about as basic and simplistic of a room as some can imagine. But to others, a shipping container is a blank canvas, a room filled with endless opportunities and ideas. Inside the four walls of a shipping container, some of the world’s most innovative ideas and businesses have been created. Here some of the most out of the box ideas that were created inside the box. 


A Shipping Container Portal 

Yes, a portal. This gold shipping container, known as Shared Studios, connects you directly to anyone in the world. The idea is that it is a full-size FaceTime. These shipping containers can be found all over the world with people and translators inside waiting to connect with you. Who knew that a shipping container could be a portal to the other side of the world. 

the container bar - Austin, TX

A  Shipping Container Bar 

In Austin, TX, a bar has decided to make its home amongst shipping containers, and not just one. The Container Bar has put the utility of shipping containers to use by creating a multi-level, multi-room bar strictly out of the containers. Bar goers and can choose to hang outdoors on their patio or escape the Texas heat in an air-conditioned pod.

A Shipping Container Pool

At this point, we don’t think there is anything a shipping container can’t do. A shipping container pool is a perfect option if you don’t want the project of an in-ground pool and are tired of the look of traditional above ground swimming pools.

There are so many ways to get creative with shipping containers, let us at Saf-T- Box help you get started on your next big idea!

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