4 Educational Uses for Modified Shipping Containers

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Modified shipping containers – what can’t they do? From housing, to restaurants, to weather proof storage in hostile environments it seems their versatility knows no bounds. Here’s how modified shipping containers are doing their part to help educate the next generation of students at every level.

Renovation Storage

School districts vie for bond allocations so they can renovate existing structures, construct brand new facilities, and for expansion that accommodates population increase within their respective districts. While administrators try to schedule construction during times when school is not in session, inevitably the construction schedules bleed into the school year. This means that building materials, equipment, as well as classroom desks, chairs and other items will need a secure place to stay when not in use. Renting shipping containers is one of the most economical ways to keep valuables safe during the renovation process – whether it be for 1 month or 1 year.

Classrooms & Laboratories

Modified Shipping Containers
Schools are constantly changing from year to year as curriculum is updated, newer technology is implemented, and the makeup of each new student body evolves over time. It can be a struggle to accommodate and keep up with these dynamic changes, particularly when it comes to having additional learning environments in which students can be taught.

Shipping containers can be modified into classrooms and research environments for any number of needs. Instead of dealing with the hang-ups of constructing additional wings, and tearing down walls, a modified container classroom or laboratory can be designed and furnished offsite. An added benefit is that the new classroom or laboratory can be placed anywhere on campus.

Off-site Record Keeping

When it comes to record keeping, schools, universities, and colleges are some entities that have the highest volume of physical records. Although in today’s tech driven world much of record keeping is done digitally on hard drives, it’s no secret that there are still decades of physical applications, transcripts, and test scores that must be kept on file. As the number of college attendees continues to rise, schools will have to make optimal use of their resources, particularly their facilities.

Buying or renting shipping containers for record keeping means that these physical records can moved from valuable facility and stored securely. In addition, the containers can be moved offsite to free up even more space for university use.

Recreational & Athletic Storage

Modified Shipping Containers
To be successful athlete in sports you need to be tough. The training equipment you use also needs to be robust and be taken care of so that is always ready to perform as needed. Shipping containers can be modified into specialized training areas or simply be used as storage for bulk athletic and recreational equipment. If you need an enclosure that comes nails tough and that can be moved around campus grounds when needed, a modified shipping container might be the solution your athletic department is looking for.

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