4 Keys to Success For Your First Day On The Rig

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The first day on the job in any industry is a tough one. Steep learning curves. New people to interact with. The pressure to perform on the same level as your counterparts. Day one on a new oil rig is all those things and maybe even more intimidating.

As you’re introduced to new equipment and intricate moving parts, you may begin to think the feat of ever learning this new gig to be impossible. We understand your trepidations. After servicing the oil industry for over 20 years now, we know just how hectic those first few days can be. The good news is we’re here to make that first day a bit easier. Review these tips before you step on that new rig to help put your mind at ease and make that transition a little easier.

Get the Lay of the Land

New faces and an entire rig to explore await. Take your first day to learn as many names and faces as you can and make yourself an expert in navigating the rig. Learning the people and your surroundings will create a sense of comfortability for the coming days and will help in providing a safer environment.

Take the Time to Train and Review

Learning the intricacies of your new rig job takes time and dedication. Risks of rushing your training include dangers to your own health, the people around you, and loss of profitability for your company. Be sure to let your supervisor know if you need extra assistance or training early on and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Do Your Research

Learning on the job is typically the best way to get your new position under wraps, but that doesn’t mean your boss won’t appreciate your extensive knowledge of the rig when you step in day one. Read, read and read some more. Learn all you can about your duties, equipment and most importantly safety to walk onto your new rig ready to impress.

Offer an Idea to Improve the Rig

Most managers appreciate a quality insight to improve the workplace. Oil rigs are no exception. Walk in with an idea to fix a few processes. Or maybe recommend an idea to create more deck space. A shipping container may be the ideal solution for that. Safe, secure and affordable – a storage container may be the best idea to bring forth on day one to make life on the rig a little easier.

We can get you one step closer to making one of our tips a reality. Contact us today so you can show up day one prepared with a quote for your rig’s storage solution.



How to ace your first day on the rigs

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