4 Tips on Improving Security For Your Shipping Container

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Shipping containers are typically used to store your personal belongings or items with value. The last thing you want is the constant worry of leaving your container unattended and coming back to all your belongings stolen. 

It should always be second nature to secure and lock away anything that has value to you. Let’s take a closer look at 4 simple security practices you can implement with your own shipping containers.


Install Alarm Systems

If you plan on storing valuable items in your shipping container for a long period of time, it’s advised that you install an alarm system in the container, such as a camera or a motion sensor that will connect to your phone. Another solution is to install an alarm system around where the container is located.


Lock Boxes

Container lockboxes are beneficial to use for shipping containers because their unique features make it nearly impossible to break into. The main purpose of a lockbox is to keep your padlocks hidden and secured from intruders. With easy installation, lockboxes are made out of steel and are typically bolted or welded onto the container.


Perimeter Fencing

Although it won’t be connected to the container, perimeter fencing is a good alternative to use for security around your property. Some common forms of perimeter fencing include metal fences with barbed wires on top and welded wire mesh fences. These types of fences make it hard for someone to climb over without getting seriously injured.


Heavy Machinery

If your budget for locks or other forms of security is low, one way you can temporarily stop intruders is by putting heavy machinery in front of the container, making access difficult.

It’s not always guaranteed that all security will stop every invasive situation but implementing one or more of the four practices above will make it nearly impossible.


 Have any questions or are interested in the safety features that Saf-T-Box offers for our shipping containers? Contact us today and we’ll reach out to you right away!


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