May Mods – 6 Shipping Container Modifications

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Shipping containers provide builders with a solid foundation for their modification projects. From swimming pools to medical clinics, the possibilities are endless.

  • Bicycle Parking Solution: These recycled high cube shipping containers are modified to act as a parking spot for up to 24 bikes.

“The original container has been modified to fit space saving secure sliding gates with perforated panels that allow natural light inside while reducing the visibility of the bicycles from the outside for security. The sliding gates are opened using a mechanical code lock, with electronic options available, facilitating keyless access.” 

  • Medical Clinic: Arizona students create a solar-powered medical clinic inside a modified shipping container.

“To ensure the system will be self-reliant in nearly any environment, the team designed the clinic to run entirely on solar power with batteries built in for backup. An onboard water treatment system is capable of cleaning nearly 1,200 gallons an hour.”

  • Swimming Pools: Custom pools made out of upcycled shipping containers allow quick installation.

“There are three sizes of shipping containers you could choose from for your pool, starting at $16,500—there’s 8×12 feet, 8×20 feet, and 8×40 feet—and they can be installed either above ground or in-ground. Your pool will also be high-tech: You can control the temperature, jets, and color-changing LED lights right from a smartphone or tablet.”

  • Break Room: This container was modified with shelving, coat racks, personnel doors, and lockers to act as a break room for employees to use while on the job.

“A nondescript shipping container sits just to the west of the Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago, painted black and framed from 60th Street by flora and trees.”

  • Desalination Device: Modified shipping containers designed to efficiently provide clean water using solar power

“A small shipping container near the beach sits surrounded by solar panels. Inside, the new technology uses that solar power to turn ocean water from the Atlantic into drinking water.”

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