6 Unexpected Uses for Shipping Containers

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Strong, sturdy, safe, and secure. All of these things make shipping containers the go-to for large scale storage solutions. But it’s with the emergence of niche opportunities and a little ingenuity that the shipping container industry is being turned to for a few unexpected uses. We’ve featured our favorite uses before, like the emergence of pop-up shops or portable art galleries, but this list is a little more outside the box!

Theaters and Stages

Recreationally, we couldn’t think of a better way to repurpose a shipping container than to be up front and center stage for outdoor theaters. The sturdiness and durability of the container offers a cost effective solution for staging while optional embedded speakers could make the container stage and even more unique addition.


More and more, restaurant goers are venturing to emerging restaurants not just for their cuisine, but for their atmosphere. Set your new eatery apart by repurposing a shipping container to house your kitchen, order counter, and get a nice patio built in for outdoor seating.



We frequently work with the hospitality industry as an additional storage option during busy seasons. However, it has always piqued our interests to turn one of our containers into an onsite escape by turning one into a cozy room as well. With cooling, heating, and full plumbing options, a container hotel is a very interesting possibility!


Whether you have an emerging Etsy shop or a full-fledged wood working studio, shipping containers are a great option for a quiet and private workshop to refine your craft. Easily fitting into a back yard or adjacent to your current workplace, they can be customized to fit your ideal work environment.

Portable Toilets

Whether you’re looking to add a convenient option to a public park or much-needed installation for a highly popular event, a container made portable toilet may be a surprisingly cost-effective option. As a maintained sanitary and hygienic option, you may want to look here before going the port-o-potty route.


A little more outside the box, a custom built container sauna could be a great way for personal relaxation, or as a recovery outlet for your gym or training facility.

With just a little thought and creativity (and an expert container provider and modifier), your dream can become a reality in creating a new unexpected container structure. The possibilities really are endless! Just click the button below to reach out to a sales rep and discuss your container project today!


Photos courtesy of The Luxury and inhabitant.com


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