Cargotecture: Thinking outside the box in case of an emergency

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At Saf-T-Box we believe in the versatility of our robust product. We have previously outlined several assorted uses for our shipping containers including educational, agricultural and personal, but the possibilities don’t stop there!

Living and/or working in Texas means being able to function in a particularly severe environment. As reported by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), Texas has declared 21 disasters over the past 15 years. Over the past few weeks, we have also seen some record flooding throughout central Texas due to hurricane Patricia.

If you are fond of preparedness, you most definitely want to consider constructing an emergency shelter from one of our containers. A shelter of this sort can be vital for any organization working in disaster areas or for individual use.

Specifically designed to weather… well, the weather, shipping containers are manufactured to a high standard, utilizing quality materials. The units are mainly corten steel, metal that refers to the chemical composition that allows the steel increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion. They are designed to be particularly resistant to wind and water as well as easily stored and transported. Shipping containers are a sustainable way of creating sturdy, solid structures from a ubiquitous material.

The monocoque body, corner castings and reinforced plywood floors all contribute to the unit’s resistance to natural disasters. The video below illustrates this idea completely. The narrator’s container home was hit by a tornado. Despite severe damage to his neighbor’s homes and local forestation, the container suffered relatively no damage.

This truly communicates the durability of our product. Jure Kotnik also spoke of this notion in his book, Container Architecture. In it, he says, “Containers have many characteristics that make them convenient for use in architecture. They are prefabricated, mass-produced, cheap and mobile. Because they are compatible with practically every transport system, they are easily accessible all around the world. They are strong and resistant, while also being durable and stackable. They are modular, recyclable, and reusable.”

Correct insulation is a must if you plan on using your shipping container as an emergency shelter, so be sure to visit our customizable options for your unit. We can help you with everything from windows to partitions to turbine vents.



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