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What’s the first thing to pop in your head when you think shipping container? Storage? Safe? Secure?

You wouldn’t be wrong. We proudly source containers throughout Texas for these exact purposes and reasons. We’ve got containers to meet whatever your storage needs may be – onsite construction equipment storage to retail inventory space, we have a solution for any industry.

What you may not know are a few of the more… unconventional… uses of our containers. When we look at a 40ft Saf-T-Box container we see endless possibilities, and so do many artists. We like to call them container canvases at times, and a quick look at what people across the world are doing with containers quickly shows you why.

Music Festival Container Mural

shipping container mural shipping container mural

Music Festivals are spreading like wildfire everywhere you look. To make the Rock Werchter Music Festival that’s held every summer in Werchter, Belgium stand out in a new way (it sure caught our attention), promoters curated a few eye-catching container art installations to wow its attendees on a grand scale. Take note Austin; ACL and SXSW could use a bit of this around town.

Larger Than Life Container Canvases


Belgium seems to be the go-to spot for larger-than-life container murals in 2015. This collection from the same curator, Arne Quinze, pulls together collections that creates almost 3d looking sculptures.

Showing Off in a Container Studio

shipping container gallery, photoville

Emerging artists know just how difficult it is to get your work off the ground and into the eyes of the general public. Brooklyn artists pulled together this container studio to create a pop-up gallery that they call Photoville. The installation immediately caught the attention of local and national press alike – proving a worthwhile strategy to get their work its worthy exposure.

These are just 3 of the many projects we’ve seen artists undertake to display their art – no matter if they’re using shipping and storage containers as a gallery space or as the canvas itself. What do you see when you look at a container? Feeling inspired?

All you need to make your dream a reality is a brilliant idea and a container canvas. Contact us today, we’d be happy to help with one of those.


The Belgian Shipping Container Mural

A Village for Photography Springs Up on the Brooklyn Waterfront

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