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Whether we are discussing the construction, emergency medical, education, oil and gas or electrical field, temporary office structures are a often a necessity for everyday operations. These buildings need to be secure enough to store equipment and important documentation, durable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions, customizable and cost effective.

Modified storage containers are steel-framed as well as both wind and watertight. They are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas – conditions that are some of the most intense on the planet. These containers are thus protected from the elements and vandals thanks to their resilient design.

One of the most appealing features of shipping containers is their mobility. They are easily packed up and transported to a wide range of locations, but containers are suitable for more permanent structures too. A custom finished office space can mean a meeting location for your personnel with electrical, phone and computer outlets to keep you connected as well as doors, windows, shelving, airconditioning and more. The lower cost is increasingly making them an ideal choice for business owners and managers.


Why choose a storage container for you next office space? These containers are



The customization options are limited only to your imagination. Take a look at some of the custom work we have completed for previous customers and get inspired for your own custom office building.

Custom Paint

custom paint shipping container

Air Conditioning or Heating

Air conditioning shipping container


Shipping container installing window


Door and windows shipping container

Electricity and Lighting

electricity paneling shipping container

Insulation and Paneling

insulation shipping container

Other Custom Options

shelves shipping container


We offer a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate your needs. Constructed from modified steel storage containers, our portable office units are 8’6″ tall, 8′ wide, and are available in a range of lengths from 10′ to 40′.

Have a specific application in mind? We can discuss custom modification options to meet nearly any of your needs.

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