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What Is Shipping Container Architecture

Shipping container architecture is a great modern method of home design. Many people have used shipping containers to create office spaces, off the grid homes, and greenspaces. Shipping container architecture has opened up a new portal to recycling due to the fact that many shipping containers remain on docks, every year, unused.

Where to Start with Shipping Container Projects

Shipping containers can either be rented or purchased. Rented containers cannot be permanently modified but come with a few standard amenities and layouts. When you purchase a container, on the other hand, it is yours to keep and you can make whatever changes you would like.

You will need to know what size space you would like to have. Shipping containers are offered in a variety of sizes, with 20 feet x 8 feet and 40 feet x 8 feet being the most common sizes offered. Saf-T-Box even allows modifications to be done to the container in order to sure your needs.

Building Shipping Container Homes

The possibilities for building homes out of shipping containers are amazing. One man built a 3,700 square foot home out of 14 shipping containers. In addition to 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, the home also has an outdoor pool.

Prior to building your home, you will want to have a plan for what you want. This plan will allow you to know the quantity of containers you will need and a rough estimate as to how much your abode will cost. You should also research the laws in the area that you are planning on building in so that you can determine if your space will be within the legal constraints. With your plan in place and deeper understanding of the laws in your area, you will then want to research the materials needed to bring your creation to life.

What is great about shipping container architecture is that homes can be created at a low cost. Your budget is really in your hands after you purchase a container. You can keep your design simple or make it extravagant. A few examples can be seen on Curbed but shipping container homes are offered in so many layouts and configurations; from containers that are split and joined together, for larger space, to containers that have glass walls. The sky is the limit when it comes to modifying your shipping container and the list of possibilities is almost endless.

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