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Modified shipping containers are a new solution that can transform the way we respond to disasters and outbreaks. These high-strength, portable cubes can be transformed into mobile medical facilities aiding first responders in areas that need help fast. 


Why Modified Shipping Containers work 

  • Weather Protection
    • Modified storage containers are steel-framed and wind and watertight. They are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas – conditions that are some of the most intense on the planet. With storage this tough, you can rest easy knowing your medical assets are secure and safe from extreme weather. 
  • High Volume Storage
    • Shipping containers are valuable not only for their ease of modification but also for their incredible storage capability. Making sure you have adequate medical supply inventory is critical, especially when assignments might take you far from urban areas
  • Ready-to-Ship Capability
    • One of the most powerful advantages of modified storage containers is that they are built to go. Made for transporting cargo, shipping containers can easily be transported to remote locations


With appropriate modifications, a mobile shipping container medical facility is tough enough to meet the demands of nearly any humanitarian crisis – at home or abroad. 

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Common Medical Applications of Shipping Containers

  • Temporary emergency clinic and offices
    • Mobile medical facilities can be specifically equipped to respond to a variety of natural disasters and emergencies, including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. In addition, they are an ideal option for smaller cities and towns that may need mobile office units or clinics to supplement their existing medical infrastructure. 
  • Storage for patient records and insurance
    • While it’s becoming more common for medical records to be digitized, there are still tons of patient files and insurance information storage in hardcopy form. Shipping containers are ideal storage solutions for this that can keep sensitives files offsite and safe. 
  • Storage for perishable and non-perishable supplies
    • Space is often an issue at hospitals and other treatment facilities. Shipping containers can be modified to include climate-controlled areas ideal for storing extra diagnostic equipment and medicine. 


At Saf-T-Box we believe the possibilities for shipping containers are endless. Shipping containers have the ability to meet a variety of needs for the medical community. Whether you’re looking for a portable emergency clinic or a secure storage solution for supplies, shipping containers are the answer. 


Have an application in mind? Give us a call or contact us online. We’re ready to find the modification to fit your needs. 



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