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The recent boom in the oil industry in Texas has left many oil companies scrambling to provide efficient office and IT spaces, comfortable housing options and secure spaces to store expensive equipment during off hours.

The oil industry, along with its needs, has long been a staple in Texas history, but the accommodations are becoming more competitive. Rather than providing rough and tumble “man camps,” many oil companies are repurposing shipping containers, which are wind and water tight, to use as portable offices and housing units in the oil fields. Saf-T-Box offers a number of oil industry solutions, and operates five locations throughout Texas, making shipping container transport a Texas-friendly task.

Shipping containers are modifiable and can easily be outfitted for comfortable housing or office applications, with amenities including heating and air conditioning, insulation, paneling, partitions and windows. Providing a relaxing environment for workers to retire to each night and secure office spaces will boost employee morale and increase productivity.

In 2014 alone, the Texas oil industry saw an increase of 4,000 jobs. This spike has maxed out resources in towns not built to accommodate large influxes of people in such a short amount of time. These are towns with few restaurants, hotels and limited housing options. Portable shipping containers cannot only be used as housing and office spaces, but can be modified to provide shower, dining and laundry facilities.

In addition to being durable, reliable and secure, repurposing shipping containers for use in the oil industry also promotes a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Using modified shipping containers for temporary applications rather than building permanent residential developments and buildings prevents long lasting environmental impacts associated with materials needed for manufactured housing. Shipping containers are transportable and can be moved without harming the structure itself, making these containers reusable over and over again.

Contact us today with your oil and gas industry application and get the most resilient solution available. We offer containers customizable solutions for rent, purchase or modification and can provide a custom modification quote.

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