Helping Those in Need with Shipping Containers

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It’s the season of giving, and from coast to coast, innovative thinkers are using shipping containers to create homes for those in need in their communities.

Alternative Housing Solution

In California, housing solutions from shipping containers are being developed for many struggling to find affordable housing in the community. Over the course of three months, the Logan Heights plan will repurpose 42 insulated shipping containers into 21 fully loaded living spaces, including a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, and patio. In the future, the builder hopes to broaden their reach and offer more affordable housing solution for locals of all backgrounds in the San Diego Area.

Building Communities

In Florida, a Sarasota resident is teaming up with high school students to build homes for homeless students and veterans. Standard metal shipping containers are being revamped with a sliding glass door and the basic needs of a secure home. Students expressed that it is not only gratifying to give back to the community but a fun challenge to fit everything you need in a home into a smaller space.

Using shipping containers allows developers to shorten their timelines and lower costs. The build is not only simplified by using the shipping container for the basic structure, but it also creates a strong and durable foundation.

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