Remodels and Renovations – How Hotels Can Use Shipping Containers

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Rented storage containers are perfect whether you are making a few renovations, completely remodeling or starting from the ground up. Hotel owners and managers understand that customer satisfaction is inherently tied to their guest experience. Remodels and renovations are an exciting and equally stressful experience for hotel business owners. They have the challenge of balancing how to run an efficient construction project and keep their guests undisturbed.

Many hotels are opting to include rented shipping containers in their project plans. Shipping containers allow for secure, on-site storage that does not take away from your occupancy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of shipping containers can bring to your hotel renovation project.

The Benefits

  • Continue Business without disturbing your guests
    • It’s important for many hotel managers to continue operations during reconstruction projects which means managing available space. Rather than using guest rooms to store equipment, tools, and materials, these items can be kept in storage containers, leaving those rooms available to guests.
  • Consolidate Costs
    • Storage containers allow for easy transportation, saving valuable time and resources required to transport and load materials.
  • An All Year Round Solution
    • Whether the project is temporary or long term, shipping containers provide secure storage needs all year around. Hotel staff have on-site access 24/7 without the container taking up more space than about a parking spot.

Saf-T-Box understands the importance of streamlining the process for hotel construction projects to accommodate fixed budgets and tight schedules. Saf-T-Box is committed to providing the scalable cost-effective solution for your next project.

Call us today and let’s talk about the storage solution right for your next project! 


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