How Shipping Containers Can Save You from Back to School Headaches

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Before the last school bell rang of the 2017 – 2018 year, indicating it was time for summer vacation to begin, we explored how shipping containers can be an affordable and easy-to-manage solution for the education industry. Read the full blog here: Shipping containers for the Education Industry.

Fast forward three short months and its already time for school to start again. While the summer construction projects are wrapping up and the science labs and marching bands are unpacking their equipment, many schools are still struggling with the need for more space. Space that’s weather-proof, secure from vandals and most importantly, affordable.

Rental Storage Containers for the School Year

Renting a storage container allows a school to enjoy all the benefits of a secure shipping container without the cost and burden of ownership. Our rentals allow for you to determine when you need your shipping container dropped off and when you need it picked up again. If you need a place to store all of the football team’s gear for only the fall season, no problem. If the band needs a place to store their instruments all year long – also, not a problem. Renting’s flexibility makes it a popular choice amongst schools.

Common Steel Container Education Uses Include:

  • Equipment sheds for athletic gear
  • Stadium/field locker rooms
  • Record/file storage
  • Bulk item storage
  • Storage for unused furniture, books, and other supplies
  • Portable buildings for classroom overflow
  • On-site office space
  • Student or teacher lounges
  • Lab or studio space

Shipping Containers Are Storage Solutions That Serve Beyond Summer

Here at Saf-T-Box, we understand that a school’s need for secure and affordable storage needs rarely ends with summer. Often times sports team have loads of gear and little closet space or paperwork continues to pill up, but all of the filing cabinets are full. Shipping container rentals help you effectively and confidently manage your unique storage needs.

Saf-T-Box is proud to be a leading provider of new, used and refurbished containers serving Texas and beyond. Our customers return again and again because of our honest and compassionate team, quality options and low prices. Get your quote for a rental shipping container now and discover the ‘endless possibilities’ of shipping containers.

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