How Storage Containers Increase Job Site Security at Construction Sites

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Many industries depend on storage containers to store various products, materials, and tools. But storage is not only about housing your assets but keeping them secure. An exemplary storage container should give maximum security to your products while maintaining them at contruction sites.

When it comes to construction sites especially, where job locations are often outdoors, you need to ensure that all your equipment is kept under lock and key when not in use. Here are a few ways that storage containers can increase your job site security:

Protected Storage

With most storage options on the market, you will find they offer locking mechanism for storage security purposes. When you buy or rent from Saf-T-Box, all of our storage container options come with security built-in as standard with modification options such as lock hasps and roll-up doors available. Our flagship product, the Saf-T-Box Container, takes it a step further with durable all-steel manufacturing and cam locking.

Furthermore, should you require additional security measures, you can install surveillance cameras and/or alarms that will allow you to monitor your job site remotely.

Durable Material

A secure lock important in keeping your tools and equipment safe, but so is the actual manufacturing of the container. Containers are typically made of corrugated weathering steel, also known as CorTen, which is extremely durable. It’s strong, weatherproof, and requires minimal maintenance. This allows you to not worry about the elements outside assets affecting your assets.

Our Saf-T-Box Container solution is  from durable, all-steel manufacturing in the USA. This makes it extremely effective in keeping its owner or renter’s materials secure.

Physical Size

We’ve discussed the two most obvious ways storage containers can increase construction site security. However, there is a third to round us out – physical size. Storage containers are large and when stacked next to or on top of each other, they can create “walls” to obscure visibility into a job site. This comes in handy for construction sites that have large machinery that can’t necessarily fit inside of a storage container but behind it, away from prying eyes.

At Saf-T-Box, our standard storage containers come in two sizes, 20ft, and 40ft, and are 8.6ft high. We also offer a High Cube option, if purchasing, which increases the height to 9.6ft. And an extra-wide version of our flagship Saf-T-Box Container.

Whether the project is big or small, long-term or short-term, the way you care for your materials, tools, and products is imperative in making sure it’s successful. Ready to increase your job site’s security with Saf-T-Box? Request a quote today.

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