How the Military Uses Shipping Containers

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We rely on the US military to keep us safe. While they undergo a variety of operations under all kinds of conditions, their ultimate job is to protect us and serve our country. The military turns to shipping containers because they meet their standards of dependability and versatility, serving the military in multiple capacities under virtually any condition. Here’s how they play a role in supporting the men and women of the armed forces.


1. Quick set-up, portable barracks

shipping container barracks

As numerous shipping container homes have proven, these units provide a quick and effective housing solution. When they’re not making aesthetically interested family homes, shipping containers make an efficient and mobile sleeping quarters for military personal.
A shipping container barracks is convenient, but far from uncomfortable. With heat, air conditioning, windows and other amenities available, shipping container houses do not sacrifice necessary wellbeing for portability. This makes them ideal housing under most conceivable military conditions.


2. Sturdy barriers for training operations

shipping container barracks

These steel containers can withstand a significant amount of damage while maintaining structural integrity. For this reason, shipping containers make excellent barriers during training operations. They mimic the kind of obstacles that troops might encounter in real military situations, and mimic appropriate cover under fire during training operations as well. The dependability of these structures makes them reliable under all kinds of training conditions.


3. Office spaces

military officer at computer

Just as storage containers make excellent housing, they make an appropriate and portable office as well. A contained unit, away from harsh outdoor conditions and the distractions of training operations, provides the ideal environment for the clerical side of military work. Additionally, these structures can be used as data centers or as central locations for planning and strategizing when it comes to military operations.


4. Storage of weapons, paperwork, food, ammunition, etc.

medical storage

Shipping containers are an unyielding storage operation for all kinds of weapons and ammunition. But they’re also available to store more delicate materials. Food can be stored in a climate controlled container environment, making sure it stays fresh. Paperwork can be stored and organized with the help of a shipping container as well. Medical supplies can be stored and kept at vital temperatures. Uniforms, linens, extra living supplies… the list goes on. However tough or fragile the storage need, shipping containers can support the military where it counts.


5. Incredible pop-up weapons system

pop up weapons system

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Perhaps the most incredible use of storage container is as a secret weapon in and of itself. Recently, the army has converted a number of twenty foot long shipping containers into remote weapons stations. An installed lift can support power weapon systems including the M2 .50 caliber machine gun, Mk.19 grenade launcher, M134 Dillon 7.62-millimeter minigun, and the M249 squad automatic weapon– even support the Javelin anti-tank missile. The system is designed to be mobile and quickly deployed, easily installed and used at any point on the battlefield.

Whether your needs are military or business, personal or professional, small or large scale—we’re here to provide you with the shipping container best suited to your needs. Our variety of accommodations can meet your needs, no matter the industry. Look through our options and see how a shipping container can transform your business.




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