How To Be An Effective Coal Plant Manager

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The history of shipping container development has its origins in the coal mining regions in England beginning in the late 1700s. “Loose boxes” were used to contain and transport coal in places like the Bridgewater Canal. Used for moving coal on and off barges, these boxes eventually transformed into the steel closed-container boxes that we now know today as shipping containers.

Historically, the coal industry has used shipping containers to increase efficiency and streamline existing production processes. As a coal plant manager, your duties include implementing new processes and procedures to continue streamlining production and reduce variability in quality. A Whalen study reported that only 16% of large industry firms describe their lean/continuous improvement programs as successful, and only 9% claim to sustain savings over three years.

How then does a coal plant manager become successful when facing resource constraints, front line disengagement, training issues, lack of cross-functional support and loss of organizational focus? The greatest challenge to success is the continuous improvement of your plant’s productivity. Below are a few tips to becoming an effective coal plant manager and increasing your team’s performance.



Despite your best efforts, security and production can seem difficult, given today’s lean environments. Compliance can be a moving target and safety competence is hard to find and a global economy with many national interests makes simplicity seem elusive.

To combat these problems, safety should be encouraged among employees with a suite of program elements embedded across your organization. Place emphasis on ergonomics, risk assessment, engineering controls and documentation as they relate to safety. A solid background in power generation, plant operation, plant maintenance and asset management practices will help you operate your plant with the utmost focus on safety.

coal plant machine safety



Your company’s success is reinforced primarily by the quality of your product. Create a strategic plan that maximizes your return on investment including a continuous improvement model and an automated real-time performance measurement in a phased installation of a scalable system.

How is your product being handled? How is it transported? If you aren’t already using shipping containers as your primary means of coal distribution, talk to the professionals at Saf-T-Box to learn about the cost-effective and durable option for your coal’s transportation.



Productivity is dependent on the efficiency and use of labor, energy and materials. The best way to improve your crew’s productivity is to set work objectives for each team component and be able to measure that progress. Developing and implementing standardized asset management systems and operation and maintenance setup is key.

Strides in performance are created from personnel feedback that helps focus on issues and success factors. An effective plant manager should look into using human resource software, streamlining the process of setting performance goals and evaluating employee’s performance.

A working knowledge of social networking and micromarketing is also important for success in just about every industry. These trends have created pressure for productivity, flexibility and new adaptations for old products.

coal plant loading coal truck



A motivated staff equates to a successful company, and a successful plant manager knows the importance of building a strong team and developing positive relationships among team members and management. Foundationally, motivation begins by understanding and addressing the individual needs and concerns of your staff.

Use a variety of communication vehicles to establish a rapport with your staff, superiors and your customers. These methods can include verbal, written and body language techniques that can be used on many different levels with all types of people.

Whether you are a safety manager, plant foreman or plant superintendent, these managerial tips are designed to assist you and ensure your company’s success.

If you are shipping industrial or consumer products in bulk, Saf-T-Box is ready to help you transport your goods to various markets. Together, we will work to safely move your products with speed and efficiency to ensure your position as a leader in the coal industry.

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