How To Create An Office From A 20′ Storage Container

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When looking for an office space solution at your construction site, think inside the box. Here are five ways you can create a fully functional office from a 20′ storage container.


Electricity doesn’t just allow you to flip a switch and turn on the lights, it will enable you to power the technology you use daily. With access to electricity and electrical outlets, you can plug in your computer, laptop, printer, or any other device or equipment needed to operate and run your business, all in the comfort of your own office space. Saf-T-Box has experienced electricians that make sure your office is fully operational. Get the most out of your workday with the power to do it all – in your shipping container office!

 AC & Heating

We know Texas weather is extremely unpredictable. With Saf-T-Box you can add AC & Heating to any storage container, keeping you ready for whatever the forecast says, or doesn’t say. With your comfort taken care of, your mind can stay focused on meeting your timelines and exceeding your business goals


We know that your days run long, and the work is endless – you’ll find papers stacked miles-high in your current office space, and there is usually little organization. The addition of shelving can help you get organized and stay organized, allowing for more efficiency.


Add windows to your storage container office and feel how the breeze invigorates your senses! Truly- there’s nothing like fresh air to refocus your energy and get back to the grind. Natural sunlight can also help make you more productive in the office.

Have the perfect picture in mind of how functional and effective your new office can be? Reach out to the experts at Saf-T-Box for your quote today!

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