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Storage containers are remarkable for their versatility and strength under a number of conditions. For this reason, shipping containers all over the world are for projects in construction and industry. Lately, however, shipping containers are being praised for their use in surprising art and design endeavors as well. Saf-T-Box rounds up the latest in interesting shipping container projects around the globe.

  1. Housing for Veterans in Orange County

    A nonprofit called American Family Housing is putting shipping containers to use as sustainable housing for US veterans. Made entirely of recycled shipping containers, the project features a kitchen, bathroom and living space for every occupant.

    The goal of the project is to provide a balance of communal and private living for a group that is so often isolated. The project is the first multi-family project for the homeless in the nation to be built with only recycled shipping containers.shipping-container-guest-exterior
  2. Nation’s Largest Residential Shipping Container Construction

    Fifty-four steel containers, weighing about 10,000 pounds each, make up the largest known shipping container residence in Columbus, OH.

    The Cargominium is being built by a faith-based non-profit organization called Something Into Nothing Real Estate. The structure will serve as low-income housing. By using shipping containers, project developers were able to reduce the cost of labor while still maintaining a high-quality, protective framework for the structure.Modern Farmer
  3. Scottish Yard Gets an Industrial Makeover

    The seaside town of Dundee is giving its former shipping yard a makeover with roots in its industrial heritage. The design material of choice? Shipping containers.

    The containers will serve as the abstract base for offices and shops in the new area. Looking forward with their design, the firm StudioShaw will also be constructing a sunken area for drone racing and virtual reality games in the area.shipping containers construction communication
  4. Shipping Container Stowaways Make Art

    Seven contemporary artists recently returned from their months-long trip on a container vessel traveling from the US to Hong Kong and back. The group of stowaway artists were selected from a highly competitive pool to travel on the vessel and make art out of their experience.

    The group focused their projects on the global engagement and commerce that the shipping vessel represents. Artists describe the project as simultaneously isolating and connecting, giving them time and space to focus on their art while consistently providing new vistas and experiences.shipping container transport train

If you have your own awesome shipping container project underway, Saf-T-Box has you covered with a variety of customizable options to rent or own. We specialize in construction, government, hospitality and a variety of other industries. Connect with us to learn how we can help.

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