Make Hay Over Cargo Crop Containers: Agricultural Storage Needs

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Texas is one of the leaders in U.S. agriculture, ranking number six in exports totaling more than $6.5 billion in revenue. Highly ranked commodity exports include cotton, beef, seeds, rice, wheat, feeds, grain products and corn. One in every seven Texans (14%) holds an agricultural-related job, and more than 248,800 farms and ranches span the vast rural countryside of the lone star state.

Because of the high potential for profit in this industry, more efficient farming systems, better transport, better management, storage and processing facilities are constantly sought after. Cost effective, dependable and expandable storage is of particular interest to prevent product loss. Hay stored in a barn, for example suffers only 6% loss, as compared to ground storage with no cover, which suffers a 37 percent loss. Loss for postharvest storage of grains and other dried products is 5-10 percent I open storage and just 1-2 percent in sealed storage.

hay storage farm

Improving storage is key to improving production and facilitating distribution.



Commercial storage is costly, but is commonly viewed as the only alternative to personal ownership of additional, expensive storage facilities. Whether used for livestock barns / shelters, machinery and supply-storage or for crop storage, shipping containers alleviate the financial burden with affordable rental and inexpensive purchasing options.

Their steel structure makes them incredibly durable as well as weather resistant. They are easily transported and can be customized for just about any use.



Giving you complete control over the storage process, shipping containers are what you need to maximize profitability and streamline efficiency.

Shipping Containers Are…

  • Modular and Scalable
    • Create a highly productive vertical farm and storage area by stacking containers. Add or remove shipping containers a demand fluctuates.
  • Foundationally stable
    • Can stand a variety of soil conditions or be easily moved
  • Climate controlled
  • Feature pest management integration
  • Wind and water tight
  • Easily accessible and easily transported
    • Can be positioned the ideal distance from the main road and fields
    • Minimizing transportation between buildings
  • Fire resistant

shipping containers stacked


Uses may include, but are not limited to…

  • Livestock barns and shelters
  • Buildings for machinery and supplies
  • Crop storage


Cargo containers are the perfect clean, cool and dry location that won’t break the bank for any of your agricultural storage needs. Whether you are operating a large-scale cattle ranch or a smaller farm, shipping containers are the durable, inexpensive solution. If you have additional questions or are curious to learn more about Saf-T-Box’s customization options, give us a call today.



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