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Modified shipping containers have the ability to transform the way we respond to geophysical, hydrological, climatological, meteorological and biological disasters as well as technological or man-made hazards like complex conflicts, famine, displaced populations and industrial accidents. Durable, sturdy and portable, these containers easily transition into mobile medical facilities in areas that need help fast.

Containers can also be utilized to assist in the everyday execution of medical care. They are ideal storage units to consolidate everything from non-perishable supplies to patient records and insurance paperwork. Their practical capabilities for the routine medical field are inexhaustible.



Temporary offices and emergency clinics

Mobile medical facilities are an ideal option for smaller cities and towns that may need to utilize mobile office units or clinics to supplement their existing medical infrastructure. The containers would be self-contained, equipped with a medical team and mobile, which means they can be airlifted and placed in almost any setting.

Disaster management is contingent upon the preparedness, response and recovery of the relief operations team, who assists communities to reduce their vulnerability and strengthen their capacities to resist them. Modified shipping containers meet the need for additional medical facilities head-on. Brick and mortar medical facilities may not always be within reach or could possibly be damaged during a crisis, so a modified medical facility becomes an effective solution for treating displaced patients as well as overflow patients from at-capacity hospital wards. Containers also easily function as sources of power, medical equipment, internet access and more, thus allowing mobile medical facilities to effectively act as part of a network or autonomously if required.

diaster diagram red cross

Diagram courtesy of the International Federation of Red Cross

Storage for patient records and insurance paperwork

While it’s becoming more common for medical records to be digitized, the truth is there are still millions of pages of patient files and insurance paperwork in hardcopy form. Shipping containers are ideal storage solutions that can keep sensitive files offsite and safe.

medical files long row

Storage for perishable and non-perishable supplies

Space is often an issue at hospitals and other treatment facilities. Shipping containers can be modified to include climate controlled environments ideal for storing extra diagnostic equipment and medicine.

Medical supply storage


We offer three size container options: 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot long containers to accommodate any and every need your stationary or mobile medical facility may have.



We believe shipping containers have the ability to meet a variety of needs the medical community has. Whether you’re looking for portable emergency clinics, storage units for supplies or mobile patient wards, a shipping container can be utilized as a solution.

Have a specific application in mind? Give us a call and we can discuss custom modification options to meet nearly any of your needs.


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