Shipping Container Rentals Reduce Construction Costs

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In construction, cost is inherently tied with every project a crew takes on. That’s why it’s important for any contractor to carefully plan out whether or not a project can be accomplished on time and within budget. Those familiar with the concept of house building know that every minute task affects the overall house a whole. Typically, it’s not the big things workers tend to forget during construction, it’s the tiny things – that, if overlooked – can add up to be big headaches down the road.

Sometimes these oversights are simply due to human error, forgetfulness, and laziness. Whatever the reason, as a foreman or crew leader, you are directly evaluated by how each project is carried out as a function of time and money. You want to be constantly researching and developing ways you and your crew and become more efficient, smarter, and accomplish greater amounts of work with less effort.

One of the biggest problems leading to inefficiencies onsite at a build have to do with workplace conditions. Let’s face it, a jobsite can be a brutal place full of dirt, heat, noise, choking dust, dangerous machinery, and strenuous tasks. At times there can be little relief until the day is over.

Crew morale is one of the biggest factors in determining efficiency that ultimately leads to construction deadlines be met on time. The problem is many foreman do not consider crew morale when planning out a project, because in construction workers can usually be readily replaced.

However, good crew leaders want a familiar, reliable workforce that is rested and whose morale is at a high level. Many have found that solution in modified, onsite storage containers.

A shipping container can be modified to accommodate any need – from rest areas for your crew members, storage for commonly used tools (keeping them out of the elements and in operation longer), and as office space for the necessary clerical work that comes with any project. They can be outfitted with restrooms, sinks, bunks, cabinets, electrical outlets, and internet ports. In addition, a modified shipping container from Saf-T-Box can be shipped right to you and moved at your request at any time. Own or rent – the choice is yours!

Let’s help you find the perfect solution today.

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