New ERP System, Faster Service For You

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Good news, Saf-T-Box now has a brand new ERP System! What is an ERP system? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. We’ll give you a quick rundown on how this helps us help you in the long run.

Faster Invoicing

Our new ERP system has an invoice system that helps us invoice quicker and make any edits easier. With our old system, invoices were created manually and sent physically. Saf-T-Box strives to always improve, so we went on the search to find an ERP system to create our invoices efficiently and effectively. Now, instead of multiple steps, our invoice process takes a couple taps on your keyboard and done! No more paper billing required and no more waiting for invoices. Your invoices are sent directly in a matter of seconds.

Online Portal Coming Soon

Along with faster invoicing, we will also soon have an online portal. This means you’ll access your profile, invoices and everything Saf-T-Box on our website! We will make an announcement once this comes out.

Here at Saf-T-Box, we’re always finding new and innovative ways to better serve you. Request a quote to get started working with us today!

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