Onsite Construction Storage: Durability, Mobility & Accessibility

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As a veteran in your field, you’ve probably seen it all: builds that didn’t quite go as planned, onsite accidents, dug up discoveries, and everyday dealings with subcontractors and clients. If there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s that projects can last weeks, months, or even years. Every job is different, and the parameters that influence your deliverables are just as diverse. This means you need onsite construction storage ready for the predictable as well as unforeseen challenges that are sure to come your way.

Durability – Tough enough for the task

Construction tools and equipment are expensive. After all, they must stand up to the heavy abuse day in and day out. Why would you invest tens of thousands of dollars on top-tier tools and then leave them carelessly outside to be subjected to the elements? Mother Nature is a cruel mistress and never offers an apology. Saf-T-Box protects your equipment over time so that you’ll experience fewer equipment breakdowns and part replacements.

Mobility – Going wherever the job demands

onsite construction storage
Since construction projects are temporary by default, they demand that your storage solution be as mobile as possible. The numbers don’t lie. It’s financially and logistically more convenient to relocate all of that heavy construction equipment when its storage container comes along with it. We’ll transport your Saf-T-Box container for you anywhere a vehicle can be driven on the job site. Strength, combined with mobility, means that your Saf-T-Box will always stay standing no matter where you put it.

Accesibility – Get back on track

The primary concern for any business owner or construction supervisor is making sure that crews have the tools they need to conduct the work required in the time frame allowed. The number one killer of revenue and opportunity is immature strategy and inferior logistics. Why pay extra for equipment to be stored off-site and then pay workers to retrieve said equipment on a daily basis? Why would you risk theft or accidental abandonment of tools by allowing your crew to be responsible for them? What’s the point of trying to build something with function and form if your methods are unorganized?

Custom Modifications for Every Need

Saf-T-Box has unlimited ability to modify or totally custom design a container to meet your exact application need. We can add personnel doors, windows, partitions, roll up doors, insulation, and electrical. Select from previous customization ideas or bring us your concept, and our knowledgeable staff will help develop a completely custom unit to meet your needs.

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