Pack It In And Move It Out: How A Shipping Container is Moved and Delivered

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When constructed, shipping containers are assembled with mobility in mind. They were originally designed to ship across seas, but their modular, consistently secure structure lends itself to easy transportation almost anywhere. Whether across the city or across the country, the freedom of mobility is undeniable. Simply pack it in move it out.

flatbed shipping container moving

As with any large portable object, the shipping and unpacking of a container can be a labor and time-intensive endeavor. Accessibility to your plot of land and the foundation you’re placing your shipping container onto can affect the shipping and unpacking method. Generally, though, a crane or forklift is used to hoist the container onto a tilt flatbed trailer, which is then driven to the desired location. If the plot of land is easily accessible, the driver can back right up into the foundation and let the container slide off the trailer onto the foundation. If the foundation isn’t as reachable, a crane will need to be used to lift the container up and drop it into place.

forklift shipping container

Before the purchase and delivery process, it is vital for you to review your local building and zoning codes to avoid a prompt removal or relocation of your container.

Shipping containers are cost-effective solutions for storage, office space, housing and temporary facilities and are also robust and portable. Transportation is easy, and once placed, your durable container can remain in place for a long period in time or moved to another location.

shipping container flatbed transport

If freight is not packed or unpacked safely or it becomes unstable during transit, individuals can risk serious injury. Because the packing and unpacking of containers can be a dangerous task, it is best left to the professionals. The experienced staff at Saf-T-Box is equipped to safely and easily transport shipping containers sized at 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot. Trust the best and contact us for the purchase of and transportation of your container today.


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