Portable Classroom Must-Haves

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As classrooms become more crowded every year there’s a need for added space. An affordable option you probably haven’t considered are portable shipping container classrooms.

Depending on the number of students starting up the school year and the capacity of your school, there may be one unexpected need that may shake up your plans – the need for extra classrooms. So what’s the go-to solution to this common problem across Texas? Portable classrooms and you can encourage your school to move to this affordable, green solution.

Making the move to this effective classroom alternative is just one more opportunity to set yourself apart from the pack. Whether you’re the one purchasing your portable classroom or searching for options to send to your school’s purchasing staff, take note of these must-have features to include to make your classroom top notch.

We’ve pulled together a few ideas that are all available with our modified containers to keep your new classroom cozy, yet functional, all year long.

Air Conditioning / Heating

This one seems a bit obvious, but in Texas’ unpredictable climate it’s a necessity. The best thing about having separate access to your own air conditioner? Full control of your room’s temperature. No more fighting with the rest of the hallway, adjusting the thermostat back and forth.

temporary office shipping container


Sometimes being stuck in an interior positioned classroom means no access to natural light helping cheer up your drab classroom. Portable classrooms allow for full customization of windows to brighten up you and your students’ days. Plus, regular exposure to sunlight helps increase the growth and height of children – so it’s a win-win.

Custom Paint

Being detached from your school’s other classrooms gives you the full discretion to make your room unique and colorful, while the other classes provide a consistent (and potentially boring) look from room to room. Create some excitement upon entrance to your room through a splash of color on the walls. We’d be happy to take care of that for you before delivery.

Unique Lighting

Teachers and students alike are sick of the same stale overhead fluorescent lighting from room to room. Make your room warm and inviting through the use of lamps or preinstalled fixtures. Your room has the potential to be prepared to set many different moods through its lighting; take full advantage of that capability.

Access to Outlets

We recommend installing 3-4 outlets per wall. Rearranging your class’s layout is always easier when you’re not dictated by your power sources.

Built-in Storage

Tuck away those items not needed daily to keep your space tidy. You’ll appreciate the extra walking space while lecturing and it’ll help keep the more explorative students out of your things.

Sink and Water Access

Having access to a sink within your own classroom is particularly useful if you’re a science or art teacher. Whether it be a crafting assignment or a new lab for the kids, you’ll always be prepared to handle a mess.


Though the news of your move to a portable classroom may be daunting at first, take it as just another opportunity to stand-out to your students. Our shipping containers purchases are fully capable to be customized to those listed above plus many more. If your school’s on the look for a more classroom space, request a quote today and we’d be happy to help find a solution that works for you and your school.







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