Portable Parties: Shipping Container Innovation

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You’ve heard us say it before, but we will say it again. Shipping containers can be transformed into anything you can imagine. With a sturdy skeleton capable of withstanding the toughest environmental elements, easy transporting capabilities and modular construction, the containers are the perfect building blocks for just about everything.

In the spirit of endless possibilities, we at Saf-T-Box have assembled a list of the top ‘portable party containers’ that we have seen trending across the Internet recently. These projects demonstrate the limitless versatility of shipping containers.


Pop-up Party

This solar-paneled container provides seating for almost 30 partygoers and includes a full bar, TV, fridge and karaoke machine. The developers discovered that shipping containers provide a desirable temporary party structure, especially when compared to standard party tents – containers are more durable, easier to transport and require less effort to assemble. Set up time is only about 20-30 minutes and the walls even fold down to create a 500 square-foot bamboo floor.


solar-powered-shipping-container-pop-up-prefab-party-venue photo by shippingcontainerhomesaustralia.com

Photo courtesy of shippingcontainerhomesaustralia.com


Tailgating Treasure

Designed by Texas Tech alumni, this 8-foot by 20-foot shipping container is an open-air bar and grill – a tailgaters dream. The container is decked out with a tap bar, a couch, two flat screens, an outdoor grilling zone and a roof deck. Everything is self-contained, so the whole assembly process takes less than five minutes.



Raving and Reusing

The concept for a 30-minute rave in a tiny space was born in a Dublin alleyway. A pair deemed ‘Lords of Strut’ later hosted a series of raves for 30 people in a shipping container in Hagley Park as part of the World Buskers Festival in January of this year. The container was outfitted with a sound system, a smoke machine and lights for an unforgettable night of dancing.


Contain-A-Rave at the Dublin Fringe Festival photo by stuff.co.nz

Photo courtesy of stuff.co.nz


If you have an idea, we can make it happen. Shipping containers can be utilized for building, storing and housing just about anything. Give us a call to discuss any application you have in mind. Saf-T-Box also provides a variety of custom modification options, so let’s get building today.







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