Positively Impacting the Environment: Recycling Shipping Containers

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Manufacturers of automobiles, electronic goods, appliances, retail items and foodstuffs work to develop efficient shipping systems in which supplies are reusable. Optimal waste management practices lead to a more profitable bottom line.

Operationally, reusable shipping containers are the ideal system for frequent, direct deliveries and storage because of their simple space requirements, stack-ability and easy customization. Their strength and durability also allows for repetitive use – the average lifespan with reasonable use and maintenance is about 30 years as a storage container.

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Benefits of Reusable Shipping Containers

  • Reducing waste
  • Resourcing conservation
  • Lower a company’s packaging costs
  • Avoided disposal costs
  • Increasing efficiency by standardizing and maximizing space


Other Uses of Used Shipping Containers

If you live near a coastal city, you no doubt have seen many of these shipping containers stacked near shorelines. With about 16,000 containers coming into U.S. ports everyday, there are plenty of opportunities to repurpose these sturdy containers.

shipping container lot


Manufacturers can easily lessen the nation’s garbage burden recycling these containers, but so can the average consumer. These retired containers can be utilized in a number of inventive ways not directly related to manufacturing, including… 


If you are looking to streamline shipping, improve storage and reduce costs for you manufacturing company, look no further than Saf-T-Box’s shipping container offerings. We carry a variety of used containers in conditions ranging from “one trip” to “cargo worthy” and “as is” containers.

If you are looking to initiate the build of an upcoming project using environmentally sustainable materials, shipping containers are also the perfect choice. These inexpensive containers are made of corrugated steel and are designed to withstand the most difficult weather conditions on the planet. They are easily modified and are only limited by your imagination.

Interested in learning more about Saf-T-Box shipping containers? Contact us today and one of our expert staff members will guide you through the rental or buying process as well as all of the possible modification options that are available.





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