Rest and Relax in your Recreational Shipping Container

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We are seeing increasing creativity with more frequency in regards to what is being built from shipping containers around the world. Here are just a few ideas to get your gears turning about your next space for relaxation and enjoyment.



If music is your forte, consider constructing an at-home recording studio. Simply combine two 40-foot shipping containers to create a state-of-the-art studio designed for ideal acoustics, comfort and portability. The containers are adaptable according to your desires, but have enough room to accommodate two studios, a control room and a small lounge.

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Need some time to get away? Create the perfect escape with a custom cave of manliness. Personal space is essential to productivity, so why not fabricate a cost-effective roost to zone out and unwind? Complete your space with gym equipment, a pool table, recliner, large-screen TV, dartboard, mini bar and fridge. We at Saf-T-Box can customize the interior of your shipping container to suit any need – including electrical and plumping requirements. Incorporate your personality into the space with unique décor.

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MB Architecture created this breathtaking art studio in Amagansett, New York with a budget of only $60,000. The artist wanting a working space close to home that would aid in his creation of visual art. A 40-foot container was added atop an underground space and finished with white walls to create a modern, chic aesthetic. Rather than remodeling a garage or building out a current structure in your home, consider a shipping container as a practical option to creating a functional, enjoyable working space.

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Keep the kids within earshot but give them a playroom all their own with a detached game room. A modified playhouse affords your children some freedom and independence where they can be as vocal as they would like without disturbing the rest of the house. Shipping containers are easily outfitted with all of the amenities of a home, thus creating a perfect space for teens to play videogames or have a movie night with their friends.

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Whether you are running out of space in your existing home, looking to increase productivity or seeking a new project to complete in the coming New Year, look no further than Saf-T-Box. Our affordable, portable and incredibly customizable shipping containers can be outfitted to suit any and every recreational need.

Downtime can be more enjoyable and less costly by utilizing a prefabricated shipping container for your next recreational space. The possibilities for our portable, durable and customizable containers are limitless. Have an idea of what you would like to create? Contact us today.





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