Shipping Containers as Retail Inventory Storage Solutions

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It’s common for retail stores to find themselves with a surplus of inventory or excess equipment, especially during peak consumer buying times. Shipping containers make an ideal solution for retail inventory storage because they are cost-effective, convenient and secure.

On-Site Storage

The ability to have access to your full inventory at any time can be important, as most re-stocking or floor change out’s happen after normal business hours. The convenience of having all your inventory in one place means less coordinating with outside vendors to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.  

STB shipping container at office depot 2

Climate Controlled

Shipping containers are durable and can protect your inventory from the outside elements. We also offer climate controlled storage modifications for extreme heat or humidity. This modification is ideal for products that are sensitive to temperature and you can rest assured that your inventory will stay intact for resell.   

Cost Effective & Secure

Shipping containers are a cost effective solution to inventory overflow, many times costing less per square foot than additional brick and mortar rental space. Our shipping containers also offer built in security so you know that your inventory is safe. Standard security features include the following:

  • Durable all steel manufacturing in the USA
  • High security door with cam locking on one or two ends
  • Security lockbox
  • Extra wide 10′ units available (Exterior dimension)
  • Cargo doors on both ends of the container
  • Water / rodent resistant seal

Having the ability to store your excess inventory or equipment in a cost effective, secure solution means that you can spend time thinking about more important operations. Contact one of our experts at Saf-T-Box to start managing your inventory more efficiently.

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