Retail Storage in Preparation For The Holiday Season

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Black Friday is around the corner and it is imperative that you’re ready to support the increased demand during the holiday season. The busiest time of the year for retail businesses is upon us, and a centralized and concisely managed inventory system will be crucial in the coming months to maximize sales, avoid overselling and maintain sanity.

Standard or climate controlled containers are the ideal option for storing seasonal fixtures, promotional items, business records, overflow inventory and more in order to maintain good inventory management flow.

Inventory Management

The chaos of the holiday season leaves your business more vulnerable to human error. Centralize and take control of your inventory to avoid having to double check stock quantities. Keep your inventory organized and bring disparate systems together to ensure accurate data, cross-channel communication and actionable insights that assist in the making of smarter business decisions.

Here are some seasonal inventory management tips and Saf-T-Box solutions.

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Seasonal Fixture And Promotional Item Storage

Signage, fixtures and decorations can occupy vital sales floor space during the holiday months. Container storage helps streamline a business’s systems, keeping seasonal decorations and promotional inventory organized in a cost efficient manner. Storage containers are easily transported, so inventory can be moved quickly and efficiently.

Overstock For Busy Shopping Days

Anticipate needs in your market by observing what competitors are doing and tracking what your most popular items have been this year. Research to gauge what is trending so that you can stock and store accordingly.

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Layaway Item Storage

A 2012 CouponCabin Survey reported that one third of households are at least “Somewhat Likely” to use layaway for holiday shopping. This increased demand has direct implications for an easily accessible storage facility. Take into account the type of merchandise and industry trends to procure the appropriately sized container.

Bulk Item Storage

Choose a storage container that fits your surplus inventory needs. Our 20-foot container is eight feet wide, eight feet and six inches high, 20 feet long and has a payload of 48,600 pounds. If you are in need of additional space, our 40-foot container is sized at eight feet wide, eight feet and six inches high, 20 feet long and has a payload of 80,350 pounds.

Business Record Storage

Consolidate purchase orders, invoices, employee records and more in a securely stored offsite container. This will assist the organization and regulation of your company’s records.

A proper retail storage solution can assist in running a successful and efficient business, especially during the hectic holiday season. If you are running out of room for inventory and other business items, consider Saf-T-Box.


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