Retail Therapy with Saf-T-Box Containers

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If you’ve ever worked in retail, you understand the many moving parts that go on behind the scenes of a storefront. Every store manager’s goal is to provide their customers with a pleasant experience, meaning stocking the floor with new, relevant products and keeping prices competitive. 

Some retailers have taken advantage of a low-cost solution that offered high impact results for their operations – shipping containers.

The Benefits of Shipping Containers for Retail

  • High Volume Storage

    • Keep your backroom clear and easy to navigate. A shipping container is a perfect solution for excess inventory, seasonal products, and bulky display fixtures. 
  • Seamless Store Transitions

    • Saf-T-Box offers short and long-term storage solutions perfect for your needs, from relocation, opening up a new location, to renovating your existing space. 
  • Security and Protection

    • Shipping containers are made of layers of high strength steel, are fully enclosed, and have only one point of entry. Saf-T-Box containers can also be modified to be wind and water resistant and include security systems. Store owners and managers are ensured their assets are protected again weather, vandalism, and theft.

Saf-T- Box provides solutions to retailers all around Texas looking to grow their business without the headache of disorganization. Take advantage of our innovative storage solutions, get started today! 



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