Revolutsia – Using Shipping Containers for Functional Design

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When a stack of rusty shipping containers arrived in downtown Wichita, the community became intrigued. Revolutsia, Wichita’s first shipping container mall, opened for the public in Summer 2018. Michael Ramsey of Bokeh Development, known for his unique transformation projects, was the mastermind behind the project., Ramsey recounts the biggest challenge was to construct “a strong building that’s cost-effective and cool looking.”

The Concept

Ramsey began his design around existing features on the property, including a stone cottage and fully grown trees. Combining industrial shipping containers and the old-fashioned charm of the cottage house, Ramsey created a two-story open-air restaurant and retail space. With 36 stacked shipping containers surrounding the property, he constructed rental spaces for 12-15 businesses. The center of the complex is an open courtyard complete with tables, lights, and a fire pit, making it the perfect hang-out location.

(image source: Revolutsia)


Ramsey and his team had multiple goals in mind when creating this project. More than getting people talking about its unique look, space was designed to serve its visitors and the local community by:

  • Creating an all season destination – Hoping to motivate Wichita residents to enjoy outdoors, the design creates an inviting environment no matter the season. During the colder months, the upper-level decks help trap heat in the courtyard while, during the warmer months, the trees function to provide shade in the courtyard. Additionally, the square shape of the building acts as a barrier, protecting visitors from Kansas winds.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for local entrepreneurs – Ramsey wanted the space to help small and local business owners open brick and mortar locations. With the open concept, tenants split the costs of maintaining the restrooms, courtyard, and other shared amenities rather than bearing these costs alone. Revolutsia is an affordable way for young entrepreneurs to get started.

Alternative uses of shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular. Shipping container malls have popped up in cities around the world. Ramsey was able to create a unique space using shipping containers because they “act as a shell.” When you consider the different upgrades and features you can add to these industrial building blocks, the possibilities are endless.

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Source: The Wichita Eagle

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