San Antonio Developer Creates Shipping Container Apartments

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Groundbreaking construction initiatives using recycled shipping containers are popping up all over the country. Within the past few years, we have seen an increase in their use within the housing market, specifically. From small scale ‘tiny homes’ to luxurious custom-designed dwellings and now apartment complexes, architects and consumers are beginning to restructure how they think about homebuilding.

Soon these ecofriendly homes will be available throughout a variety of communities as cost-effective alternatives to combat high living costs.


Sustainable Building Blocks In Our Own Backyard

Encinal Apartments

Located in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas, the Encinal Apartments are modern in design and innovative in their approach to family housing. San Antonio-based retail developer David Monnich is using old freight containers to help remedy the growing housing shortage brought on by the oil and gas boom of the region.

Monnich worked with Mike McGlone and Helen Pierce of San Antonio-based Alamo Architects to create the conceptual design for the complex. One and two-bedroom apartments are available. The 840 square-foot spaces were created using two sipping containers with extra space added for the bathrooms and kitchens. Three of the seven completed units are currently being leased.

Monnich says that he plans to build 72 units within the complex, but is also hopeful that the shipping container apartments could be a system used across South Texas.


Cube Square Apartments

A similar idea was executed in Huntsville, Texas last year. The 540-square-foot efficiency units of Cube Square Apartments were originally constructed with the students attending Sam Houston State University in mind. The current complex will be expanded to include three buildings; each four stories high and will use a total of 36 containers.

The Cube Square Apartment Facebook page lists rent at only $575 per unit, plus the cost of electricity. The complex boasts chic construction and a beautifully unique aesthetic.

Other apartments simply don’t stack up to these urban reuse projects. An exciting aspect to these shipping container complexes is their potential to expand – the possibilities are limitless, so think outside the box and get to building with Saf-T-Box.

No need to outsource your containers – from purchase to custom outfitting and delivery, Saf-T-Box has you covered close by.



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