School’s Out – Shipping Container Storage For Your School’s Supplies

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We all love that time of year when the sunshine beats on your head, and you can’t help but sing Alice Cooper’s famous song lyrics right alongside your students, “School’s out for summer!” Let it ring through those emptying halls as you head out to enjoy that much-needed summer vacation.

schools out for summer

But before that time of year comes around, you may need to answer this one quick question – what will you do with all your school’s supplies that are being left unattended over the summer break? Numerous desks, valuable computers and irreplaceable school décor hang back with no one to care or watch over them.

Over one-third of the nations 84,000 public schools reported at least one incident of vandalism over the past year. These acts extend past the traditionally innocent senior year prank and take on the motivation of break-ins you’ll find at other non-education locations. Whether people invade your school as a nuisance, for the glory in their social circles or for something a little more serious like a malicious or professional break-in looking to damage or steal property, your school must be prepared to protect its possessions no matter the scenario.

So what options are out there to help protect you from returning in August to an empty building and the imminent stress of having to repurchase hundreds of computers and who knows how many books? Look no further than the safe, sturdy comfort of shipping container storage.

stack of books school storage

We’ve serviced schools across Texas and Louisiana to assist in summertime storage, and our sales reps know best how to find the perfect container (or containers) to properly protect your property.

Unsure of what should be considered valuable enough to keep stored and locked away? We pulled together a list below of what we’ve helped in providing storage for – and in this case, size does not matter. Let’s protect it all!

What to store?

computers school storage

  • Desks and tables
  • Shelves
  • Books
  • Computers and tablets
  • Files and documents
  • Athletic equipment and supplies
  • Lab equipment
  • Décor and irreplaceable items
  • And more…

Our containers provide a safe, watertight environment to withstand all the elements your campus may face, including break-ins of course. And with modification options including installable personnel doors and reinforced locks, a container is the safest bet to keeping your school’s supplies secure.

Interested in purchasing or renting a container for your school to keep your mind at ease all summer? Our sales reps are knowledgeable and ready to deliver the perfect solution to your campus this summer and beyond. Click the button below to contact our team today to get one step closer to singing out those lyrics, worry-free.



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