Shipping Container Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Perhaps, in no other field is the competition so fierce to find that next energy-rich reservoir. With gas and oil fields scattered across many different areas around the country, this already difficult work see’s more challenge from extreme climate conditions experienced onsite.

Oil and gas companies are discovering that they can increase overall ROI not by working harder, but by becoming more agile and intelligent in their operations. The foundation of any business is its people. Those entities that make a priority to invest directly into “boots on the ground” see positive effects in both crew morale and productivity. 

Discover how modified storage containers can empower your oil and gas workforce. Increasing crew morale, protecting your assets, and giving you the power of responsiveness.

Increase Crew Morale

Many times, crews working in the field have infrequent contact with friends and family, even having limited opportunities to interact with “locals” as many job sites are far from urban areas. One of the best ways you can give your employees the respect they deserve, increase morale, and ultimately their loyalty, is to invest resources into workforce housing. 

Modified shipping containers can provide you with safe, durable, transportable housing for your crew. They can be outfitted with amenities typically found in the comfort of a home – from sleeping quarters and kitchens to common areas with full electrical and internet access. Simply put, better housing will lead to better morale, well-rested teams, and increased productivity

Protect Your Assets

After your crew, your oil and gas equipment is your most valuable asset. Conditions on a worksite can be extreme, fluctuating between scorching days, polar nights, high winds, and brutal storms. Heavy equipment designed durable under unfavorable conditions. However, with the amount of money you’ve invested, why wouldn’t you go the extra mile to give your tools the best? Dedicated storage containers prolong the life of your tools, decrease repair costs, decrease downtime. This all leads to an increases in crew morale and work efficiency.

Modified storage containers come in steel-framed, wind and water-tight. They are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas. Those conditions are some of the most intense on the planet. With storage this tough, you can rest easy knowing your equipment is secure and safe from hostile weather. An additional benefit of a full steel enclosure is that you are also protected from human threats like vandalism, theft, and arson.

Become Responsive

In today’s global economy and with innovation happening at the speed of business, the ability to respond quickly and intelligently is indispensable. Energy investors are always sending out their exploration teams in hopes of finding the next rich oil and gas reserves. Sometimes these opportunities do not go to the biggest company with the most money. Instead they go to the companies that can get onsite first. If you are in the middle of the current operation and don’t have an infrastructure centered on mobility, how can you hope to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity? Don’t let this be you.

By building your strategy with modified shipping containers as part of the operational equation, you can effectively make certain that you’ll be able to respond to new opportunities that come your way. Modified containers, including workforce housing, equipment storage, offices, and control rooms can be quickly transported by ship, rail, or truck anytime, anywhere. While your competitors slow responsiveness, you’already be organized and on your way to the new job site. 

How Can Shipping Containers Help?

  • Comfortable workforce housing
  • On-site, weatherproof storage for materials
  • Safe and secure storage for generators, welding equipment, and other tools and supplies 
  • Custom finished office space for meetings and storing construction plans and files
  • Electrical, phone, and computer outlets to keep you connected while on the job site.

Your Ideal Storage Solutions For Oil & Gas

Saf-T-Box is the ideal choice for oil and gas operations. Increasing productivity protects  your investments, and  responsiveness are some of the benefits. Keep weather, thieves and vandals away – for good. Watch your efficiency increase, your costs decrease, and your opportunities expand. Experience how a seemingly small change to your storage contains ramifications for your job sites now and forever.

 Have a specific application in mind? Contact us today, and we can discuss custom modification options to meet your specific needs.

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