Shipping Container Communication Center For Your Construction Site

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Construction projects range from basic road repairs to complex commercial structures to residential remodels. No matter the size of your company’s next project or its location, it is vital to invest in fast, dependable mobile communication centers to seamlessly exchange information across a broad spectrum of devices and multiple users.

Communicate the project status, production schedules, work orders, material delivery and coordinate construction requests easily with a centralized Saf-T-Box shipping container communication center.



The shipping container’s structure is durable enough to withstand the hostile conditions of the environment and the construction site itself. It is also impenetrable and secure to ensure protection of your costly communication gear. Given that construction sites are temporary, a shipping container’s mobility is also incredibly beneficial.


Shipping Container Features

shipping container transport train

  • Durability and Protection – steel framed, wind and watertight, originally built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas
  • Unbeatable Mobility – built for easy transportation by road, rail or sea
  • Easy Compatibility – scalable and stackable
  • Custom Modification – weatherproofing, windows, lights, doors, etc.
    • To see a full list of construction-specific customizations, click here.
  • Cost effective – costs significantly less than a traditional ‘mobile’ structure


Shipping Container Benefits

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow revenues

shipping container office

Technology moves at the speed of light, and more than ever we expect to be connected 24/7. Shipping containers are low-key, ideal solutions for housing IT hardware, servers and node points in a network. They can be moved anywhere, anytime, and are protected from the elements and from vandals thanks to their steel-enclosed design. These self-enclosed, steel structures can house the computer systems and surveillance equipment critical to any construction operation. Modified containers excel as command and control centers in remote locations that require complex technology.

Shipping containers make incredibly effective communication centers for any construction site. Looking to learn more about shipping containers? Read over our Frequently Asked Questions blog written by a Saf-T-Box cargo container expert. If you are looking to rent or buy a shipping container, contact us today.



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