Making Your Shipping Container House a Home

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You love the idea of a shipping container tiny home. It’s sustainable, affordable and lets you downsize your life. You’ve even read our seven tips for making a shipping container home sweet home.  But how will you decorate and organize your new space? Will you have room for all the trimmings and details that help make your house a home?

The answer is yes! Saf-T-Box shows you how to make that shipping container space a chic, welcoming environment.

A Cozy, Modern Tiny Home

1. Balance the Industrial Feel of the Space

Many tiny home owners choose to keep some remnant of the original shipping container for their modern, unique textures. The metal siding of a shipping container is a great aesthetic detail as well as a protective barrier. Many even keep the original numerals of their container as a testament to its origin as a green, recycled space.

These details add personality to your tiny home but can feel cold. In order to keep the industrial element from overwhelming the homey feel, add extra elements of comfort to the interior design. Warm woods make a great accent to cold metals. Decadent fabrics like angora, faux furs and velour offer a welcoming accent.

Warm wood balances industrial metals

2. Find Creative Ways to Organize

Storage is an issue that scares many people away from the shipping container home movement. But never fear – shipping containers were made for storage solutions!

Hidden storage opportunities abound in a tiny home. For every addition you make to your new construction, consider how it might double as a storage solution. Rather than purchasing a couch, consider a built in bench with room for blankets and linens inside. If you’re creating a lofted space for your bedroom, make the space underneath count as a living area or storage closet.

HGTV offer some great tiny house storage solutions. One of their biggest tips? Don’t be afraid to go vertical. Storing necessary, but infrequently used items near the ceiling can quickly open up a space.

Storage Solutions for Lighter Living

3. Use Other Opportunities to Open Your Space

There is no design substitute for natural light and a bright, colorful living space. When renovating your shipping container tiny home, make sure to include lots of space for windows and pick colors that make you happy.

Don’t forget to place windows so that they work for the exterior as well as the interior. You want your home to look appealing, while allowing for maximum light. Consider moving some of your living space outdoors to capitalize on the space. This blog offers great ideas from porches to campfire set ups to complement your tiny home.

For tiny houses, solid colors help expand the space more than patterns. Cool blue and green colors help bring calm to your space, while warm yellows and red make your home feel vibrant. Pick a color scheme that most appeals to you.

Capitalizing on Outdoor Space

Ready to get started with your dream home? Click below and be connected to the perfect container for your tiny home needs.

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