Shipping Container Offices: An Unconventional (and Affordable) Way to Build Your Business

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Dispelling Your Skepticism about Shipping Container Offices

When you use the words “shipping container” and “home” in the same sentence, you might be puzzled. Despite your skepticism, shipping containers have been used as construction templates for decades.

In New Haven, Connecticut, a real estate developer recently made an apartment complex out of used shipping containers. In the Netherlands, shipping containers are being used to remedy the country’s housing shortage. All over the world, shipping containers are used as homes, survival shelters and storage spaces.

But did you know that you can use new or refurbished shipping containers for office space? They are an affordable, sturdy, and safe alternative to traditional construction. And their low wholesale price means that we can offer you a ready-made workspace for a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar facility.

Affordable Office Solutions, Unmatched Quality & Service

Saf-T-Box offers unparalleled service and quality products. Our shipping container rentals come with custom options, giving you the ability to make exactly the business space you need for a reasonable price. We refurbish and remodel containers as shipping container offices for small companies all over Texas.

We offer both twenty- and forty-foot shipping container rentals. That means that you have the option to choose the right size space for your business. In addition, we have securitized shipping container rentals for customers who need even more peace of mind.

Shipping containers are built to survive long sea voyages, so they are certainly strong and secure enough to house your small business. Using shipping containers for office space could even give your business the attention it deserves!

The Saf-T-Box Mission

Saf-T-Box subscribes to the second “R” in the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Rather than rotting away on a dockyard or in a landfill, our shipping container offices go to use for your company. What could be a better way to help both your planet and your balance sheet?

We¬†strive to satisfy our customers’ needs for safe, environmentally-friendly and frugal space. That is why we want you to be our next customer.

Our estimate is free, and we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary shipping container rental quote.

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