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Shipping Containers for The Education Industry

Spring has arrived, but many are already thinking about summer. Summer means no school, family vacations and sleeping in. However, for many schools summer means getting straight to work cleaning out classrooms, doing building repairs or starting new constructions projects in preparation for fall. These projects all require secure on-site storage, weather protection for materials, and possibly even construction offices. Did you know, each of these needs has a common solution? A rental shipping container.

Summer Construction & Shipping Containers Equal a Perfect Pair

Shipping container rentals are the affordable, secure and portable solutions for schools that can be brought in for the summer and cleaned up before the fall. Rentals help you rest easy knowing you’re getting top quality solutions for only the amount of time you need. Also, with Saf-T-Box rentals gone are the days of worrying about theft, weather surprises or extra storage for the loads of construction equipment.

Common Shipping Container Construction Applications Include:

  • On-site, weatherproof storage for materials
  • Safe, secure storage for generators, welding equipment and other tools
  • Custom finished office space for meetings and storing construction plans and files
  • Electrical, phone, and computer outlets to keep you connected while on the jobsite

Shipping Containers Are Storage Solutions That Serve Beyond Summer

A school’s need for secure and affordable storage needs rarely ends with summer. Often times sports team have loads of gear and little closets, science labs are moving and equipped needs to be stored or paperwork has filled all of the cabinets. Rentals help you effectively and confidently manage the changing needs of your storage overflow.  

Common Steel Container Education Uses Include:

  • Equipment sheds for athletic gear
  • Stadium/field locker rooms
  • Record/file storage
  • Bulk item storage
  • Storage for unused furniture, books, and other supplies
  • Portable buildings for classroom overflow
  • On-site office space
  • Student or teacher lounges
  • Lab or studio space

Saf-T-Box is proud to be a leading provider of new, used and refurbished containers serving Texas and beyond. Our customers return again and again because of our honest and compassionate team, quality options and low prices. Get your quote for a rental shipping container now and discover the ‘endless possibilities’ of shipping containers.

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