Shipping Container Restaurants in San Antonio

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Shipping container restaurants are popping up around San Antonio.

Shipping containers are quickly expanding beyond their typical use for storage, portable offices and the truly traditional, shipping. Now they’re popping up as affordable, trendy housing solutions and more recently in San Antonio, Texas, as restaurants.

Shipping container restaurants serve as the perfect space for whipping up all types of delicious cuisine in very fun and entertaining outdoor spaces. From oven-fired pizzas to craft beers and house wines, the culinary possibilities are about as limitless as the ambiance. Currently there are two popular San Antonio shipping container restaurant spots, The Luxury and The Pod.

The Luxury, Shipping Container Restaurant

Enjoy a craft beer or hard cider with one of the many interesting spins on classic favorites at The Luxury. This shipping container restaurant is located on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, but away from the tourist crowds and major chain restaurants. Dogs and their two-legged friends can enjoy river facing swings, the breeze of a lovely spring day or the mood of string lights and crafted tables.

The Pod, San Antonio Container Restaurant

The Pod is a proud, custom made and custom cooking space made from several colorful shipping containers put together. Their outdoor patio often hosts live music and their mesquite wood burning grill is always on. This combination makes for a refreshingly different approach to dining out that is quickly becoming popular.

Shipping containers make for great restaurants because they can be placed in lively locations with plenty of outdoor seating and customizable options that give the restaurant a special charm and personality typical restaurants can’t achieve.

Thinking about opening your own shipping container restaurant? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the cost of your idea and help you create something truly unique.

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