Shipping Container Uses for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Gas and oil fields are located in notoriously extreme climate conditions – take Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Russia and Nigeria for example. We are also seeing increasing production in harsh U.S. environments as well, with Texas’ arid climate occupying four of the top 10 oil fields in 2013. Dangerous temperatures, wind, rain and hurricanes thus compound the already difficult work associated with the oil and gas industry including drilling, pumping and mixing various chemicals. Although crewmen are hardy and equipment is designed to withstand intense abuse, man and machine are still subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Environmental hazards can wreak havoc on conventional buildings and structures.

Increase overall ROI not by working harder, but by becoming more agile and intelligent in your operations.

How Can Saf-T-Box Help?

Modified storage containers can markedly aid your workforce by providing durable storage to protect valuable assets and gear, comfortable workforce housing and temporary office space in any location.

Shipping containers are steel-framed, wind and watertight. They are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas – conditions that are some of the most intense on the planet, so they are perfect for even the most hostile weather conditions. An additional benefit of a full steel enclosure is that you are also protected from human threats like vandalism, theft and arson.

A shipping container’s modular structure was developed with mobility in mind, so the structures are can easily be transported at a moments notice.

Economical modifications are available for easy maintenance and the highest level of customization possible. This ensures that you are getting the most from your shipping container no matter its use.

Shipping Containers as Temporary Storage

  • On-site, weatherproof, safe and secure storage for generators, welding equipment and other tools and supplies

Shipping Containers as Workforce Housing

Better housing will lead to better morale, well-rested teams and increased productivity.

  • Safe, durable, transportable housing for your crew can be outfitted with amenities typically found in the comfort of a home, including
    • Sleeping quarters, kitchens, common areas with full electrical and Internet access

Shipping Containers as Conference Space

Custom finished office space is ideal for meetings and storing construction plans and files.

  • Control rooms can be quickly transported by ship, rail or truck anytime, anywhere
  • Electrical, phone and computer customizations to keep you connected while on the jobsite


Watch your efficiency increase, your costs decrease and your opportunities expand. Experience how a seemingly small logistical change to your storage and / or housing needs can have huge ramifications for your oil and gas jobsites now and in the future. Have a specific application in mind? Give us a call and we can discuss custom modification options to meet your specific needs.



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