Shipping Containers Are The Perfect Option For Your Portable Building Needs

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Whether you need a mobile office solution or quick and easy storage for extra inventory, shipping containers make an ideal solution for your portable building needs. Many business owners prefer shipping containers as storage solutions because of their on-site accessibility, security and cost effectiveness.

Read on for a list of portable building alternatives that you may not have considered for your business.

File Storage

Secure and protected from the elements, shipping containers are an effective alternative to traditional file storage. Filing cabinets can quickly become disorganized and over flow with documents that aren’t needed in day-to-day operations.  

Storing physical patient records? Simply adding locks or alarm keypad systems will ensure that your shipping container is secure and remains HIPAA compliant.

By storing old files and records in shipping containers, you are saving valuable office space, while still allowing accessibility to old documents.

Mobile Office

Modified shipping containers are a cost effective solution for temporary or mobile offices. Customizable options like insulation, doors, windows, electricity and more make these portable buildings an increasingly popular choice for managers and business owners.   


Inventory Storage

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have an excess, and even unexpected, amount of inventory. Portable shipping containers make an ideal solution for excess inventory because of their durability. Made from corrugated steel, they’re sturdy and can protect your inventory from the elements.

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Shipping containers are an efficient alternative to traditional buildings and storage. Their mobility, durability and low price make them the most cost-efficient option for a variety of portable building needs. Contact our experts at Saf-T-Box to get your next shipping container project started.

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