Shipping Containers As Tiny Homes

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Shipping Containers As Tiny Homes

Everywhere you look, people are going crazy over shipping container tiny homes. From being environmentally friendly to saving money, we are seeing tiny houses on the news, in reality television shows and even popping up in suburban backyards! What is driving this pattern of down-sizing our living spaces?

  • Cost
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Ease of Travel
  • Time to Build

Inexpensive to Build

Tiny homes are incredibly easy on the budget. Whether you pay a professional builder or simply buy the shipping container and do it yourself, a tiny home is far less expensive than what you would pay for a traditional house. There are tiny home builders who will design and build your home for you, exactly how you envision your living space to be set up. If you have the time and patience to build your own, however, your only expense will be the materials.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Reducing your carbon footprint is one thing, but these beautiful structures can downsize the footprint of your entire house. When stacked on top of each other, even a larger home can take up only a small piece of land. An average shipping container is roughly 160 square feet, which will also reduce the area of home you need to heat and cool.

A shipping container tiny home can also be outfitted with solar panels, and a rainwater collection system, making it the perfect house for off the grid living. Some tiny homes have even set up wind power sources and compost toilets, allowing them to make anywhere home.

Have Home, Will Travel

Many people are reluctant to buy a house, before they settle into a career or find that perfect neighborhood. A shipping container tiny home is a breeze to move, just hitch it to your truck and drive away. It is surprisingly easy to explore new places with your tiny home, you don’t even have to pack!

Swift Setup

The average shipping container home can be move in ready in just a couple of months. Imagine ordering your house, and unpacking in it just a few weeks later! These homes can take less time to build than it takes to find an existing home on the housing market.

Larger Shipping Container Homes

If tiny homes aren’t your style or you simply need a larger space, a shipping container house is still a fabulous option. The containers are incredibly sturdy, can be stacked, and can be arranged in a floor plan to meet your needs. You are only limited by your imagination!

As you can see, a shipping container home can meet your needs, whether they be large or small. They are inexpensive, ecofriendly, and only take a short time to build. Their safety ratings also make the homes a wonderful choice for areas that experience hurricanes and other types of severe weather.

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