Shipping Containers at The X Games: Torchy’s Tacos

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When Torchy’s Tacos said they wanted to create a lounge that could also haul their Razor to the X Games, Cruising Kitchens knew that building it using a shipping container was the best, most durable route to go.


Shipping Container Build Out

The execution of this project revolved around the idea of multipurpose use. When the container is at an event, the Razor can be pulled out and put into action while the trailer can then be used as a lounge for the Torchy’s crew.

To start, the Saf-T-Box team cut the shipping container down to 32 feet in length, rather that the standard 40 feet, and built a ramp door with an engineered pulley system to raise and lower the ramp.


Torchys Tacos shipping container X games


Torchys Tacos shipping container X games 2


With a timeline of only a few weeks, the Cruising Kitchens crew then took over the project and worked 100 hours per week to get the shipping container outfitted in time to debut at X Games. The container was completely reinforced and outfitted with a Cruising Kitchens audio video package, air conditioning, custom wrap, custom roof additions and a bathroom.

Finished X Games Container

Torchys Tacos shipping container X games 4



Torchys Tacos shipping container X games 3


This Torchy’s Taco shipping container was transformed by Cruising Kitchens, one of the top mobile business fabricators in the world, into the ultimate event marketing lounge and hauler.

Got a shipping container idea of your own? Saf-T-Box can provide the ideal foundational structure for almost anything.

Saf-T-Box customers rent and buy units for a variety of reasons. We have seen our shipping containers transformed by our clients into restaurants, offices and everything in between. Let our expert staff assist you in selecting a container to meet your specific needs.

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