Portable Storage Solutions For The Construction Industry

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When you get ready to move onsite for your next construction project, if you do not have the office capacity that you need, using a shipping container as an office can be one of your best options.
It may sound sort of spartan at first, but we’ve already put together a form of container box office that is completely modified and pre-decorated, making it easy for you to just ask them to deliver it to your site. Electricity, plumbing and any other amenities that you need can be incorporated into the office that you order to rent or buy.
Benefits of using shipping containers for construction offices:Security
One of the problems that the construction industry used to have is that they would have tools and equipment disappear from job sites in the middle of the night. You can, of course, pay more for protection- but when you have a container box office as your portable work space, it is completely secure. You merely need to ensure that it is locked down at night. If you are building in a rough area, pull down steel doors can be incorporated that make the space almost impregnable.You can also use un-modified shipping containers for construction equipment storage onsite using the same rationale. Once the equipment is inside, you can apply heavy locks and chains to deter theft or vandalism. Of course, you can also move a heavy piece of equipment in front of the door after it has been locked also.Theft of the actual container is also likely not to occur because you typically deploy them as portable storage buildings without wheels. They sit flush with the ground and perform until you are done with them.

Cost structure
When you compare shipping containers with travel trailer space for construction site needs, you’ll likely find that as portable storage buildings, shipping containers are a lot more cost effective because they are plentiful and don’t require a lot of extra maintenance.

Another difference is that you can rent shipping containers at a lower price than it costs to rent a portable travel trailer.

Easy delivery and pickup
In the past, one of the larger questions about the cost and the efficiency of using a shipping container onsite had to do with how much it would cost to bring a forklift onsite that could lift containers so that you could actually get it off the truck when it was delivered.

Today, you don’t need a forklift or a crane to have a container delivered. The latest tilt trucks can deposit the container within minutes of their arrival. And when you need to have a container picked up, you merely need to prop one end up on blocks or a wood 4 x4. The delivery truck can then tilt its bed underneath the container, attach chains to it, and then back under the entire storage unit or office. Again, the whole process takes only minutes.

There are a lot of options for portable storage in the construction industry. If you want ease of use, competitive pricing, and high security, using a shipping container from a trusted partner will save you time and money. Contact one of our experts today.

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