Shipping Containers: Cost Effective Storage Solutions For The Oil And Gas Industry

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The Oil and Gas Industry is constantly evolving. One recent challenge hitting the oil and gas industry is the lack of enough housing options for workers. Buying out hotels and commissioning out-of-state construction resources is proving to be unsustainable, so oil and gas companies are looking for efficient housing alternatives at their job sites. Durable and cost effective, shipping containers provide a unique solution to this problem.

Here are some of the advantages that shipping containers offer for your oil and gas job.

Shipping Container Housing

In the oil and gas industries, metal storage containers are being used to build portable homes for workers. Their rectangular shape makes them ideal for office space or housing units and they’re very economical, something every company can appreciate.

Office Solution

Shipping containers can be easily converted into affordable office spaces. They can modified to have insulation and paneling, partitions, phone and computer outlets, air-conditioning and more. You can find more information about modification options here.


Mobile Storage Containers

Steel storage containers provide an alternative storage space be it in private residence or business warehouse. They are secure, and more importantly, they are water tight, keeping your equipment safe from the elements.

Portable Storage

On-demand storage is necessary when you’re working under tight deadlines. Shipping containers can easily be moved to a new location. At Saf-T-Box we also offer short-term or long-term rentals and convenient pick-up and delivery of the units.

Ready to invest in a shipping container for your next oil and gas job? Contact one of our experts today.

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