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You’ve heard about their assortment of uses, but you still may be unsure as to why shipping containers are the preferred structures for storage and constructing portable buildings of all varieties. There are a few essential features that distinguish shipping containers from other methods – namely their design, structure and comprising materials.


Characteristics of a standard Saf-T-Box shipping container include:

  • Monocoque Body
  • Corner Castings
  • Steel Corrugated Sheet Sidewalls, Roof, Back Panel
  • All-Welded-Steel, Continuously
  • Purin Reinforced Plywood Floors
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Grappler Pockets


Shipping Container Features At A Glance

Robust Corrugated Steel

corrugated steel shipping container

Because of its monocoque construction, the outer walls carry a major part of the stresses. The container’s body is integral to the durability of the shipping container. Composed of Corten steel, a robust material designed to exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion; the shipping container is initially manufactured to a very high standard using quality materials. The exterior is further strengthened with corrugation, which creates its ridged appearance.

The benefit of a full steel enclosure is that components are also protected from human threats, such as vandalism, theft and arson.


Weather Resistant Structure

weatherproof shipping container on sea

Shipping containers are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas, conditions that are some of the most intense on the planet. The containers are designed for a life in a marine environment and are manufactured accordingly.

The door hardware is installed, along with rubber seals, to create watertight doors. The container bottom is made waterproof and has to withstand extensive watertight testing. The steel frame is welded and sealed to be both wind and watertight. The container is again inspected once its assembly is complete. With a container this tough, you can rest easy knowing your goods will be secure and safe from the hostile Texas weather in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and surrounding areas.


Durable Flooring And Paint

shipping container durable flooring and paint

The shipping container’s floors are made of planking or plywood wood, which is very strong and resilient, does not dent and may be easily replaced during repairs. The floors have a strong friction surface, which is vital for cargo securing. The panels are varnished with a protective coating, which makes sure that bugs and other pests aren’t present in the wood.

During assembly, the container is primed and painted with several layers of industrial paint that ensures the container is protected against the harsh elements of sea travel.


Portable Design

shipping containers stacked

Modified shipping containers require no foundation, no assembly and little space in which to be placed. They can be quickly outfitted and delivered using nearly every means of transport available whether it is by truck, plane, boat or train. Their portability means they can be sent to even remote or inaccessible areas. In addition, their standard, modular sizes mean they can be arranged in a variety of ways that optimize square footage, while keeping their collective footprint to a minimum.

Think of modified containers as building blocks or Legos. You can combine two or more containers to create electrical solutions that are scalable.

Available Saf-T-Box Shipping Container Sizes


20-Foot Container
Cubic Capacity: 1,164 cu. Ft.
Exterior: 8’ Wide x 8’6” High x 20’ Long
Interior: 7’8” Wide x 7’9” High x 19’5” Long

40-Foot container
Cubic Capacity: 2,376 cu. Ft.
Exterior: 8’ Wide x 7’9” High x 40’ Long
Interior: 7’8” Wide x 7’9” High x 39’4” Long

Shipping containers provide an efficient alternative to traditional methods of building and storage. Their mobility, durability and low price make them the most cost-efficient option for a variety of structural needs. Contact our experts at Saf-T-Box to get your next shipping container project started.



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